I have been improving school attendance since leaving university in 2008, working in attendance posts for schools, and as an Education Welfare Officer/Investigation Officer for the Local Authority. My move to head up Operations at Aquinas came from a recognition that a small, expert team can make a swift and sustainable impact on school attendance.

The pastoral experience gained through my roles in schools is put to good work for Aquinas- resolving the issues of pupils and parents is often the key to securing good attendance. Through my five years with the Local Authority, I have gained a detailed knowledge of attendance legislation and court procedures, which is invaluable to the service we deliver to schools.

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Since leaving university with a Computer Science degree I have taught ICT in a number of schools, and am currently Head of ICT & Computer Science and Head of Systems for an independent school in Southend.

I specialise in school information management systems, data report construction and statistical handling, and I have been applying these skills to Aquinas’ operations since 2016. Although my primary focus is attendance data, my work for Aquinas often finds me designing bespoke reports that make all categories of information held by their partner schools clear, accessible and presentable at the click of button. 

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I have worked in school attendance since 2014, initially at the Local Authority as an Education Welfare Officer/Investigation Officer, where I developed an expert understanding of the law regarding school attendance, as well as the many ways in which barriers to school attendance can be addressed.

 My move to Aquinas has afforded me the opportunity to work on a greater level with both schools and families to address school attendance issues, as well as having a positive, early impact upon ensuring children access their education. My degrees in Psychology have afforded me the knowledge and skills to be able to identify issues that schools, parents and children raise, and identify and seek appropriate support where necessary. 

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My first involvement in 'Education Welfare' was in 2007 when employed by The Local Authority as an Education Welfare Officer, during this time I learnt all there is to know about the relevant legislation and the way that The Education Welfare Service implemented its duties.

After three years and some dramatic changes to the service, I decided it was time to prove there was a better way of doing things and co-founded 'Attendance Solutions'. So for the last six years, now heading up a new company, I've become a bit of an expert on all things school attendance.


I have 24 years worth of knowledge and experience of working with young people and their parents from my time as A Warrant Officer in the Army’s Military Correction and Training Centre. Since leaving the Armed Forces I have worked with Aquinas and over 3 years I’ve become the lead on Primary Schools. My results are proven and I’m very proud to have contributed to the successes of so many schools that I’ve worked with. Although I’m sometimes too modest to admit it, I am an expert on all things School Attendance and have an intuitive way of understanding the needs of young people and their parents.

I am fair but firm, calm under pressure and like to remind my Manager that I am my schools' favourite!​