Aquinas is the choice attendance consultant for a number of partner schools and we pride ourselves in operating in some of the most socio-economically deprived areas across all four quadrants of Essex – from Clacton and Jaywick to Basildon.

The range and approach of our attendance service delivery is the culmination of over two decades of experience working within the Education Welfare sector; this has led to a streamlined, tried and tested method that has never failed to make an impact on our schools' attendance – over 50 Essex schools have now benefited from the unique attendance improvement model we established in 2010.

Plume Academy Absence

Plume Absence


The Attendance levels at Plume Academy at the end of the 2015-16 academic year came in at an all-time high of 95.2 percent, this is a massive 3 percent increase against 2012-13 when we first teamed up with the school.

Over our first year alone, Plume’s Persistent Absence decreased by a massive 6.3 percent! Further reductions of 3.4 percent over the following two academic years sees Plume sitting well below the national Persistent Absence average.


In Colchester, Hazelmere Infants School and Nursery has not only reported their best ever figures for both attendance and persistent absence but also topped the table as the most improved attending Infant school in Essex. The good news doesn’t stop there either, their persistent absence levels have halved in just one academic year!

This success was featured by the local papers - see here for their coverage.

Hazelmere Infants School



Clacton-on-Sea’s Holland Haven Primary School has reported attendance levels at a massive 96.9 per cent for 2015-16, this is an increase of almost 1 per cent against the 2014-15 figures. It made the school the highest attending and the most improved in the Tendring District over the Autumn Term 2015.


Our newest partner - The King Edmund School in Rochford - is a great example of the impact we have.

In just two school terms since our partnership began in January, Persistent Absence has been reduced by a whopping 6.6 percent.

As if this wasn't enough, whole school attendance has also improved, pupil and parental engagement is on the rise...and we have only just begun!


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